Monday, March 30, 2009

standard typos

typos. there are some words that i, for the life of me can't type correctly on the first attempt. and what's more, the typo is the same every single time! here are a few of my words and their erroneous counterparts:

date - data

fremont - fremong

belmont - belmong

sunnyvale - sunnyvalue

poor - no points for guessing this one!

what are your typos?


Adu said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

8&20 said...

why do you type belmong so often? :)

what an adorable post :).

Shruthi said...

I have some typos but I can't for the life of me remember any now. Btw, I am so glad that I am not the only person it happens to :D

Nikhil said...

one i had recently - courtesy - courtest

Anu said...

I have so many I don't have time to type them all. But when I am supposed to start a word with a capital,I end up typing the second one capital as well. I wonder why. Fingers of the right hand quicker than those of the left?

Unknown said...

OH the list is almost endless!

maitreta - maitreya

currespondence - correspondence

cource - course

,(comma) - .(period)

abd - and (oh god this is a pain)

teh - the

sn - an

s - a

aks - ask

studing - studying

Jaanamari's appa said...

it might also have something to do with the QWERTY keyboard layout which was supposed to be the most difficult one purpose being to slow down typing to make sure the initially slow typewriters could keep up. Later on they designed a DVORAK keyboard but then its not very popular...

it could also be because of some absent mindedness though the consistency that you note is surprising! :)

Bright Butterfly said...

This was a really cute post. I'm impressed that you're actually at a level of being aware of the common typos you make -- I shall now start paying more attention myself! (btw, only one typo in typing this response -- nmore)