Tuesday, August 4, 2009

H1B approved

My H1B finally got approved. The USCIS picked on my organization, my application for auditing. All this after the application was submitted late.

I know this is usually considered good news and the words "H1B approved" are expected to be followed by dozens of exclamation marks, smiles and what-nots. But I'm not sure if I'm too happy, given that it means I'll have to start paying Social Security taxes now.

On a different note, doesn't H1B remind you of H1N1?


8&20 said...

So should we commiserate? Or congratulate?

PeeVee said...

Hmm... I wish I nyoo :)

Amrithaa said...

hehe! it's one thing out the way, one way or the other ;)

Amrithaa said...